Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday - Kid Rock Rodeo Houston


Since I never got around to posting any pictures from my Kid Rock night out at Rodeo Houston, I figured I would just incorporate it in with my P&G Thursday post. 
He was a riot, as expected.  Yet, so thankful and appreciative of "ya'll spendin' your hard earned cash comin' to see me!" 

Well, actually, I did not spend my see I won these tickets from the radio...

Well, even though, technically, I did NOT win them.  Ah, dj's! 

But, what was not cool was the location of the seating.  Beggers can't be choosers, right!?  That's what my momma always taught me.  And she also said, "If you don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything at all!"  Soooo....I will just say...
I am glad I brought the zoom lens.

I will also say, thank goodness for the big screens. 

Kid really rocked it!  It was a good time...I was singing along to every word.  My "S-I-L"...not so much.  But, I hope she had fun anyway.

I had no idea Kid was such a talented guy.  I mean, I did.  We all know he can rock, rap and sing.  But, did you know that he plays...

The keyboard.
The guitar.
The drums.
And he makes the 1's and 2's melt....

True talent, for real!

Besides, who can write a song - my second favorite of the night only beat out by Picture, BTW - CARE featuring Martina McBride AND T.I.?!?! 

Only Kid Rock.  That's who...

Here is the funky funk mix of the 1's and 2's....

Do you know who can...pour a shot, take a shot, puff a cigar and mix at the same time?!  Oh!  AND stand on the actual dj booth and mix at the same time?!

KID ROCK!!!!  That's who.

Okay.  So I will just end this with a strip tease from Mr. Kid Rock himself.  Enjoy!

Yeah, baby!!! 

Bet ya you never had a P&G Thursday like this before, huh Trishy!?! 


Cheryl Ann said...

"cowboy" by kid rock will always be a shameless favorite of mine ;) i saw him at BocktoberFest in Shiner many moons ago and, like you, i was BLOWN AWAY by how amazing of a musician he was! the strippers in the cages dangling above his stage did not impress me, but his ability to rock out on every. single. instrument on stage was insane. he's not my fave, but if i ever hear anyone bash him, i am sure to tell them to watch him perform before hatin.

Kori said...

How fun!!!! You got some great photos! Have a great day honey!

Did you hear my good news yesterday? Kori xoxo

Summer said...

I love Kid Rock! That kid is Talented LOL! You still managed to get really good shots, yay for your new camera, lol that your SIL wasn't singing as much as you, how fun that he did the whole mix 1 and 2 do a shot sing, oh and a strip tease whooo hooo!

How fun girl, loved the pics

bananas. said...

dude kid rock IS talented!!! i think it took me a while to figure that out but once i did i was all about the white trashy guy. he kids rocks my world!

georgia~gigi said...

You lil Pink and Green Bad Ass!!!!!
So jealous! Love the pics, sorry you SIL wasn't singing along with ya! Ya should of brought me :)
Love ya
gi gi

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