Monday, September 13, 2010

The Fantastic AND the Trash-tastic!

I am here to inform.  Who was HOT and who was totally NOT HOT at the Video Music Awards last night on MTV.  Did you watch? 

I thought overall, the show was mediocre.  Now, on to the fashion.


Ashley Greene

Rosario Dawson

Audrina Patridge

Sahar from the Real World NOLA


Lady {I know I am weird, I love it ~ and so do we!} GaGa


 Taking the TOP TRASHTASTIC Award this year goes to....they made it so easy by posing TOGETHER...

Will.I.Am {just effin' weird} and Nicki {I'm just a doll} Minaj

Rapunzel, I mean, Ke$ha, with a money sign.

Katy {what drugs am I on?} Perry

Florence {who am I?} Welch

Lo {lower than low} Bosworth

Amber {I dressed myself, can you tell?} Riley

Robyn {I am putrid!} Robyn

Short and sassy was the major trend I noticed on this red white carpet!  But, unfortunately, there were more TRASH-TASTIC outfits than there was FANTASTIC ones!!  But, alas, we are talking about the MTV VMA's. 

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Wild and Precious said...

haha love this!
i don't have cable and missed it so am thankful for the fashion update!!

bananas. said...


horrible. just horrible.

katy's not too bad. stop hating ;)

In this wonderful life... said...

there was lots of trashtastic! ICK! I think Ashley Greene is so pretty!

I'maNolaGirl said...

Ashley Greene looks AMAZING!!!!! I love that little dress!

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