Friday, July 27, 2012

young and old, happy and sad

Young:  Layla celebrating her 5th birthday in T minus 8 days.

Old:  Helping my mom celebrate her 63rd birthday tomorrow.  And my older sisters a day before Layla's. 


Young:  Layla's spunky spirit, personality and body.

Old:  What my body feels like.


Young:  Layla

Old: Honey, my grandma.  Layla's great grandma. 


Happy:  Layla growing into a beautiful young lady.

Sad:  Layla starting Kindergarten in exactly one month and me having to say good bye to our commute rides together Monday - Friday.


Happy:  Honey living a long and happy life. 

Sad:  Knowing that I will have to say good bye to that life soon.  


Happy:  hello!

Sad: good bye!


Man's feelings are always purest and most glowing in the hour of meeting {young and happy} and of farewell. {old and sad}

~ Jean Paul Richter


bananas. said...

happy: the weekend.
sad: boyfriend studying all weekend.

hope you have a good weekend my dear. and don't think about the lives you may lose in the future...think about the lives that live today.

my words of wisdom for the day. ;)

Islandia Lane said...

the happy things are good ones to look forward to as well as the young... and the old ones can be good to look back upon, knowing they were good once and happened when you were young. Hope you're having a happy weekend with all those Birthdays around!

drollgirl said...

wah this is so sad. there is much sadness in life that is hard to deal with. but i like to think the good and happy times outweigh the bad ones. but the sad ones hurt so very much.

Claire Kiefer said...

It's so hard to deal with loss . . . my grandma is in a similar place as Honey, and I am trying to prepare for losing her. I"m glad you have that precious baby girl to remind you of youth and vitality and happiness. xoxoxo!

undomestic chica said...

I love this post. And I love you.

Summer said...

is that Layla's bedroom how super cute and creative it is! I love this post, I know how much you love your honey and your Layla and omg the transition to Kindergarten is wow that is all I can say but we are getting thru it aren't we momma! love you Sums

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