Thursday, July 12, 2012

slacking and lacking....but now it's time for super DOOPER sunshine!!!

Yes, yes I know....if anyone is still reading here, I am honestly amazed.  To say that I have been slacking in the blogging arena, is a pretty gross understatement.  And lacking in visting my favorite blogs and leaving comments like I usually do.  No good excuse there.  I, myself, am just lacking. 

But, Super Sunshine Summer has kicked me in the arse and got me back to writing.  Even if it isn't anything that interests you much....I am back!


Me!?!  I feel okay.  I still struggle daily with physical pain.  But, I push through and try to enjoy life as much as I can.  No one is promised tomorrow.  And Summer helps me remember, we are in charge of our own attitude in life.  We can sulk.  Or we can SHINE!  I CHOOSE TO SHINE!!!!

Summer shines in an unbelievable way.  The disease she is fighting would bring most to their knees.  Make most stop a lot of things they do.  Not her, she pushes through.  And through it all, she comes up with the SUNSHINE PROJECT, which I am taking part in for the first time.  Summer....this one is for you! 

Join in and link up!  Basically, you post a picture, a story, anything that brings SUNSHINE to your world.  I can do that. 

And I will start with a silly little word and phrase that my almost FIVE year old said to me the other night right before bed.  Ya'll will most definitely not thinking it is as funny as we did...but it is something I never want to forget and since my Lindsay said, "you need to blog that, for real!" I will!!! 

Layla:  "Mommy?"
Mommy:  "Yes, baby girl...."
Us:  *Bust.Out.Laughing!!!!!*

{we giggle alot!}
{Naturally Beautiful shirt via Cotton Laundry which also brings the sunshine!}

Girlfriend, meant to say diaper, but got tongue tied and DOOPER came out!  One of our favorite sayings now.  SUNSHINE!!!

We recently returned from a week long trip to Oklahoma for Layla to visit her SEVEN cousins and for Richard to see his brother and sister.  SUNSHINE!!!

I will post in more detail about that later, because BOY! there is alot to say...and lots of kids, so I will space that one out.  But I did snag a few heart warming pictures that scream SUNSHINE!!

On our way back to Houston I needed to stop and visit with my Honey in San Antonio.  Life is precious, and this sweet soul is slowly withering away.  It breaks my heart. I wish life wasn't cruel like that, but I can always count on her to....bring the SUNSHINE!!!!!

Have a sunshine-y weekend.  Hope to see you 'round these here parts a lil more often.  Cheers!


Summer said...

I knew you would make me laugh like no other! Your my Meli Jelly Belly! Last night when we talked you made me laugh and smile before you even posted this silly billy! We are like two peas in a pod, we're like Spongebob and Patrick lol! O.K. so I totally got it what Layla said and it is now my new saying bwhahahhahhahahahhahaahahahahhahahah! I pooped in my dooper awesome, I may say that to the nurses today since it's Friday the 13th and all lmao! bwhahahahhahahhaahah! I can't stop lol! Tell Layla I love her and her dooper story it's super dooper hahahahahhaah! O.K. I've gotta quit lol!
Honey, you got to see Honey!! Told you! Love her and you and Layla and that picture and that you got to see Honey! I knew you were going but I didn't know you got to see her yet! Ya'll look gorgeous! Layla's outfit, I die! Love it! Is that a vintage tee too! I am diggin' it too much! So yay that Richard and ya'll got to see family and holy view! Love it! I am so happy I got your arse to blog a post lol! I missed you too much! That's what Kelcee tells me! Girl this was so much Sunshine you already made my day at 6:00am, Id text and tell ya but I'm sure that wouldnt make urs bwhahhahahaha! love you so much! Sums

undomestic chica said...

I love this, love your attitude and love you for real.

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