Monday, July 30, 2012

Manic Monday - 07.30.12

When glory comes,


loss of memory follows.


~ French Proverb

My sweet Honey is in a new home.  It is a beautiful and peaceful home.  Honey's body has done all it can do.  Its life has been lived well.  But it has reached its peak.  However, that fighting spirit and soul she bears has its own say....God Speed Honey.  It's okay.  You can go to the light.....I promise, we will be okay.


Cheryl Ann said...

good thoughts and hugs to you and your Honey. xoxo

drollgirl said...

oh girl. i know (EXACTLY) how hard this is. i hope they keep her comfortable and that things are as good as they can be. hugs to you.

and thank you for the birthday wishes. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Oh, Meli . . . you are so strong. As I mentioned, my grandma is in a similar place. We thought we'd lose her several months ago, but for whatever reason, she's been holding on. I am certain Honey knows how much you love her, and the best kind of love you can give is your blessing, like this, and the reassurance that you'll be okay. Keep your chin up!

undomestic chica said...

Oh my dear friend, I am so sorry. You know she had a life well lived, and now she's watching your every move with a smile on her face.

Love & Tangles said...

I'm late but I'm praying for you and your peace.

Summer said...

bless her heart, Honey is still around right? I thought you had told me she was. She is such a sweet sweet soul just like her nickname Honey! I think you take after her a lot! love me

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