Monday, August 1, 2011

Meli Monday - The Accident

I've had a rough few days, to say the least, regarding our car accident on Thursday. 

Basically we {me and Layla} were leaving to head home during rush hour traffic.  Same.old.story....Monday through Friday every week.  Same streets.  Same merges.  Same hectic, crazy ass Houston traffic. 

We were in the HOV {High Occupancy Vehicle Lane/carpool lane} lane going about 30 mph when all of the sudden, all the cars in front of me started slamming on their brakes, per the  Been there...done this.  Screech to a halt. 

Unfortunately, not soon enough.  My Camry got up close and personal to a Texas sized Suburban. 

I knew immediately that I broke my ankle.  After turning around to see Layla's expression of "What the eff just happened?" all over her face...I knew she was okay.  My ankle, however, was NOT!  Instant pain. 

I refused ambulance.  Layla was with me...hello?  And like a bone head, I listened to all my neighbors telling me, "If you can still wiggle your toes {I could} then it is NOT broken!"  Lie. 

IT IS POSSIBLE TO BREAK YOUR ANKLE AND STILL MOVE YOUR TOES.  Just sayin!  Don't listen to "know it alls" - listen to your doctor. 

So almost 24 hours after the accident/broken ankle did I receive medical care.  No bueno.  Very swollen.  Turning gray in color.  Definitely broken.  The talus bone.  Yeah, look it up!  No bueno. 

At this point I am praying for no pins in my ankle.  Please pray for me too!!!!! 

And now for my own records:

Thursday:  Severe, trembling pain.  No fever.  Extreme swelling.  No sleep.
Friday:  Severe pain.  Extreme swelling with bruising starting to appear on top and sides of foot.  Doctor seen, x-rays taken...fracture confirmed.  Sent to Podiatrist Specialist.  Soft cast and brace provided.  RICE.  Rest.  Ice.  Compression.  Elevation.  Pain meds prescribed, none taken.
Saturday:  Severe pain.  Extreme swelling with bruising around entire foot.  Begin pain medications due to throbbing. 
Sunday:  No change, same as Saturday.
Monday: Pain manageable, but still present.  Still on pain medication.  Heard from Insurance, car is totalled.  At the office working....keeping the foot propped up is proving difficult.  No bueno. 




undomestic mama said...

Omg! I had no idea! Praying the pain goes away soon and you don't need surgery.

Melissa said...

OMG! I'm so glad you two are OK! Man, lots of angels looking over you guys. We'll say lots of prayers for you, Layla and that awesome ankle of yours. No surgery!

*D* said...

oh my goodness! i am so sorry to hear about your accident! know that I am praying for you, and glad that things weren't any worse and that your sweet girl is ok! get well soon!!

Jennifer said...

LOVE this photo and letter mama!! Gorgeous!! Thanks for playing along!! I am taking photos at a candy store tomorrow. You may have helped me come up with another idea! Thanks!

tkmo said...

OMG Mel! I am glad overall you guys are OK. Sucks about your ankle, big time. Prayers for fast healing, no surgery and an end to any pain and discomfort. I'm sorry you are dealing with this, as if any of us could use anymore stressors in our lives. Boo. Hang in there. xoxoxo

Brandi said...

I hate that you broke your ankle and are going through all of this pain :( I will definitely pray that you don't have to have surgery. I guess the one good thing in all of this is that your baby girl is ok :)

Lyryn said...

Oh no! Praying things get better soon with the ankle! Fast healing, Lord!!!

Theodora Ofosuhima said...

I am so sorry about the accident. Hope you get well soon.

Like the photo and the message :)!.

Ashley said...

I'M GLAD TO HEAR YOU BOTH ARE ALRIGHT!!! Although, I'm very very sorry to hear about you ankle! I really hope it heals fast! Sending prayers your way lady! Thank God, you both are okay.

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