Wednesday, August 10, 2011

and Layla is FOUR!!!!

Well hello there!!!

I have had a lot going on, thus my absence from the blog world.  Let me see if I can catch you up.  First and foremost....this sweet precious thang turned the fun ole ago of FOUR!!!!  More on that later.  She had a fab party....and four of her Oklahoma cousins surprised her with their presence!  She was in a state of pure bliss!!! 

And you already know I totaled my car and broke my ankle at this point, right?  Well, at least you should if you really read my blog.  Ahem....yes you! 

{yep.  they consider that totaled.}

Ankle still hurts like a muddafukka!!!!!  I would show ya a pic of that, but I am in need of a pedicure in a bad bad way.  So.  Moving on. 

Other happenings occurred while I was

Layla's birthday on the 4th!

{with momma}

{with MiMi and PoPo, who came in to visit for her b-day and go with their baby girl to the podiatrist}

{with daddy}

{surprise dinner birthday song and treat!)

Layla's Under The Sea Birthday Party on the 6th.

{I made EIGHT dozen cupcakes of all varieties, to supplement the cake H.E.B. made!  Yes, eight.  Yes, with a broken ankle.  Yes, I am crazy.  I thought we already established that?}

And Monday, the 8th, marked the one year anniversary since we lost our Bumpkin.  And since it is now a is only fitting that I prepare a Wordless Wednesday in her honor.  She was such a bright and rare individual.  She was able to touch so many people, so deeply....I still miss her.  And I feel blessed to have had the connection we did.


It's good to be back. 


*D* said...

happy birthday to Layla! looks like you had a lot to be grateful for in spite of the accident. and let me just say you look fabulous in that picture of you and Layla...broken ankle smankle! :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Wow! You made so many cupcakes! They look wonderful! I am so sorry about your car. I hope your ankle heals quickly.

Kayla said...

Adorable pictures of the fam...4 is soooooo much fun - I know you're going to LOVE it!

Welcome back!!!

Cheryl Ann said...

girl - you are nuts. i don't bake 8 dozen ANYTHING on a day when i have nothing to do and use of both of my feet!!! LOOOOVE the under the sea theme, though ;) girl after my own ariel-lovin' heart!

glad to see ya back ;)

Summer said...

OMG while I've been in the hospital with NO WIFI and not reading blogs LOL I missed the whole car crash broken leg scenario until you made a comment on my blog! OMG HOW ARE YOU? I am so sorry that happened. Um your car gurl is tore up I just hope you aren't so much...praying that leg heals super quick! What happened? I mean I know you were in a wreck but details...I will scroll down and read. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAYLA...she is gorgeous! Her birthday party looks fabulous. Her and Kelcee would be best friends Kelcee loves the little mermaid too! OMG girl we dress are girls alike! Where did you get her hairband? I want one for Miss Kelcee...etsy? That is so stinkin' cute! OMG girl that many cupcakes with a broken leg...yup you are made of awesome already knew that! Sorry haven't commented pretty girl, as long as my head will take it (super bad headache from meds) I will comment pinky promise...take care of you
love you

Miss Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday to Layla!! I love the family pics. Could that dessert be any bigger? haha

missy. said...

happy birthday to layla!

eight dozen cupcakes? you are crazy woman.

and my car looked something similar to yours and it was like $300 off from being considered totalled. ridiculous!

bananas. said...

happy belated birthday layla!!!!!! i'm sure mama spoiled you crazy.

Melissa said...

She's 4?! My gosh she sure is pretty Mel. Hope that ankle gets better quick!

And yes, younger crazy making 8 dozen cupcakes. But that just means you rock Momma!! Loved the theme :)

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