Wednesday, August 17, 2011

it's official....I'm in a funk!

Please excuse me....while I sort through this.


This tends to happen to me from time to time...and I'll be honest, it's probably overdue.  I've been a warrior.  I've been pushing through.  And trying to push off the negative for quite awhile now.  But I'm spent.  And FYI - my FUNK is not as pretty as that picture above.  It is actually down right really bad.

I know it stems from my accident.  And the fact that I have almost been plowed through everyday since the accident.  Now granted, I did the damage in my wreck.  It was my fault.  I get that.  But I have had close calls every single day since I started driving again.  EVERY single day!!!!!

Did this happen before?  Probably.  And I wasn't so traumatized.  I probably honked my horn.  Or swerved.  And went about my business.  Well, it's not that easy for me to do anymore.

So here I am. 

{and I'll consider this a sign from above}

I am really trying....but this is not easy. 

I was about to buy one of these....

{2011 Hyundai Sonata}

...until one of these almost plowed right through my mom's 2005 Sonata, my current ride...yesterday....

{Official "all over our roadways" Texas Truck - The Dually}

So now I am rethinking my purchase.  If I would actually like to live to see my next birthday...and keep my daughter safe.  I probably need one of these instead.

{The Hummer}

But I might as well make Layla's year and go by her suggestion of "get a big pink truck momma!"

{That's a BIG pink truck, alright!}

And HEY!  Then we would really be twins....

But this girl REALLY needs to work on her road rage. 

{move.  Mom.  Get out tha way!}

This was captured right after she!!!!  Hello?!? 

{no sympathy - for real!  I was laying on the ground and she could do was scowl at me!}

Anyways.  I suppose this too, shall pass.  Pray for me....please?


bananas. said...

ah you'll get over it...

as with life, funks are temporary.

but road rage...road rage lives on so get yourself a monster truck and run those a-holes over.

Summer said...

My sweet beautiful Meli,
You had my attention at hot pink LOL. I am so so sorry you have to go thru this my sweet friend! It stinks! How is your ankle btw? I lived in Houston after HS and traffic is brutal they will just run ya over for real. I am so proud of you to get back in the car and keep on keepin on and pushing the fear aside. Im sure it doesn't help when crazies keep tryin to plow into you. You will be fine sweetie I will pray for your healing and strength and if you get that hot pink hummer you best come pick up your friend and take me for a joy ride for real LOL....OMG Kelcee wants that escalade and I am laughing out loud at her road rage and the scowl she is giving you is priceless hahhahaha her and Kelcee for sure would be besties...

love you and I'm praying xoxo SUms

Carrie said...

Love her suggestion for your next car!

My in-laws live in Houston so I know how scary driving down there can be!

Hope you get out of your funk soon. I know what that's like and it's not fun. You are just too sweet to let this fear take over! Try to stay positive! I'll be praying for you girl!

*D* said...

I'm praying for you hun! stay strong and you will make it through this funk. and your daughter...priceless! p.s. i vote you get the big pink truck! hehe

Ashley said...

I hope things get better for ya, lady! I know they will! Def praying for ya :) Life does get to ya sometimes and I know its hard to be positive all the time...we tend to get into funks sometimes. Everything will get better for ya!!

Kayla said...

The big pink truck would be AWESOME! Everyone would surely see you coming and get out of the more swerving for you! Hope you find a ride that you'll be comfortable in soon.

Melissa said...

Ah Mel, you will be in our prayers. Know that I think about you and that little gorgeous girl of yours every day hoping you guys are safe and loved :)

As far the car...I hear ya. I have a friend who is a Bexar County Sherriff and he was telling me how Volvo's are THE safest cars around. The whole department practically drives them. But I'm sure a Monster Truck would suffice.

Hang in there my beautiful friend!

Pop Champagne said...

aww sorry to hear about your car, I had a car accident years ago on my dad's car and it took me a while to get back to driving again too. yes you should get a hummer so you plow through people this time! hahaha or just get a tank from the museum :D

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

Oh no fun!! I hope things get sorted out soon, I know it can be a mess. Can't they create cars to be made of jello or something so we never have to worry? But then I guess they wouldn't be as beautiful as the car you have shown here ;)

Hope things get better, sweetie!

undomestic chica said...

I sooo feel you. I've got the worst car anxiety due to an accident we were in 2 years ago (and the 7 that weren't my fault before that!) Two years! It's so bad I keep telling BF I need to get hypnotoized. I hope you come out of this a lot less unscathed than I am. I think you should get the pink truck, and keep taking pics of your adorable girl.

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Monday Meli Girl!
Hope you found the perfect vehicle this weekend! Can't wait for the report :)
I am so sorry you were in a funk and glad your out!
Your too cool to be in a funk!
I love the pics of little miss Sass~ a~ frass giving you the stank eye!
Love Love Love her!
Love YOU lots
gi gi

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

<3 take care lovely. x hivenn

Claire Kiefer said...

Hahahaha, Layla is so expressive, I love it! So much personality. :) I love her pink truck, and that huge pink hummer is pretty hilarious. Pretty sure hummers are the most ridiculous vehicles on earth. :)

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