Friday, August 26, 2011

and with a bolt of's over!

Yay!!!!  As of Wednesday night...say, about 8:00 funk was offically over!!!!!  Yep, that's right!

What happened, you ask?  Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Picture this.  Me, Layla, Sammie.  Our dog.  Layla lounging on the couch, watching Good Luck Charlie, her new favorite t.v. show, before we head upstairs for a bath.  Sammie...he's chillin' somewhere in the house.  Me?  Naked, in the downstairs powder room, dying my own hair.  Nice, huh?  You like that visual, dontcha?!?  M-hmmmm....


Well, okay...then picture this!  Me in that state....and then the power goes off!!!!

Yeah.  For real.  Houston hasn't had any...I mean ANY....significant rain all.this.year.  But it decides it is high time to rain.  And not only that.  But to storm.  And storm in a may-jah way! 

So my lights go out just after I put some color on my roots...and on the ends of my hair.  Then...nothing!  No light.  All darkness. 


So that did it!  The funk was OVER!!!!  Oh-ver!!!! 

I couldn't help but stand there in the complete darkness and giggle.  Naked.  With my hair half colored.  The other half not.  With my baby girl screaming for me on the couch.  And my dog cowering in the corner.


The funk was over.  Reality check set in. 

I really do NOT have it that bad!  And I need to get over myself.  I am lucky I have a broken ankle to hobble around on.  And a mother who can loan me her car.  And this house.  The house that is keeping me dry from the pouring rain.  And that baby girl!  That baby girl who is crying FOR ME!!!! 

I like to call it, "a check yourself before you wreck yourself" moment! 


So that is that.  I was in a funk.  Now it's over.  I am glad. 

I still have no new car.  (boooo!)

I still have a broken ankle..."that is repairing..."  (yay!!!!)  And I don't have to wear that big boot foot cast thingy anymore....that's fabulous.  Except for the fact that the broken ankle "popped" last night.  And not in a good way.  So.  I am still in the boot.  But it's okay.  I'm over myself, remember? 

So instead of reading all.of that!!!! 

I could have showed you this picture....


And you would have known it is all peaches and rainbows and hedgehogs over here now...but instead I fill your head with all MY crap!!!!  Yes...that is I!!!!

This is the Meli Faif Life....I thought you knew? 


tkmo said...

Funky funks are no fun. Boo. I gotta tell ya, I giggled while reading this story. Lord knows we all need a humbling moment from time to time to kick us in our arse. Hang in there sweet cheeks! I hope your ankle continues to heal and you get your car situation all worked out ASAP.

Melissa said...

From time to time, we all need to have a funk. Such is life. We wouldn't be human if we didn't sit down, have a pity party - which I seem to be doing ALL the time, lol - and just wallow. It's alright! And know that we'll be here for ya.

p.s. the whole picture of what happened that night really made me giggle. :)

Carrie said...

So glad you are out of your funk! And that you have a funny story to go along with it! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time - but picturing it now probably is! And at least it was something like the electricity to bring you back and not something major. Now hopefully the ankle will continue to get better and you find a new car!

And I didn't respond to your Aaliyah post but I meant to. I can't believe its been 10 years! So sad to lose her so young, thanks for keeping her memory alive with your post and the music you got playing!

undomestic chica said...

So so so glad you're back! I seriously checked every day to see if you'd posted.

Ashley said...

Yayyyy, so happy to hear your over your funk! Your entitled to feeling a funky sometimes though, but I'm glad your back in good spirits, doll :) Hope you ankle recovers soon and how naked, dying your hair and the power goes off. LOL...too friggin' funny!!!

Jacquelyn Reese Baby, Kids and Home said...

Amen! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Love you!

Belly B said...

Hahah you are HILARIOUS!!!! The images are just perfect for this post.

Belly B :)

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

Aw good, I'm glad to hear it!! Enjoy your week sweet friend!


Kayla said...

So glad the funk is over! Welcome back :)

missy. said...

haha i would have FREAKED out if i was in the basement in the dark by myself. i'm glad that you handled it well and that your funk is over :) xoxo

georgia~gigi said...

Hey Meli Love :)
Oh I am bustin a gut over here! You so make me laugh. Next time your in a funk you just read some of your posts, cuz you so funny... he he!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of Miss Big Britches. Four and Fabulous!
Hope you hair turned out, lol!
Love you Meli Girl!

Summer said...

bahahahah when writing posts remember u have a friend half loopy on chemo and water pills laughing so hard at this post she almost peed a little for real ha! OMG that wld be my luck puttin color on my hair and the electric go out...did you get a flashlight and finish the hair...girl you have everyright to say how u feel u have been thru alot...u just made me check myself...i am in a rut too and this post made me realize all i have and thank u for it...omg your air cast popped prob scared ya to death those things r loud when they pop...glad your foot is healing...glad elec is back...hope ur hair turned out ya me

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