Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Layla + Gymnastics = L.O.V.E.

Layla started Gymnastics last Tuesday, 08.24.10!!!  It was an exciting day for both of us....I LOVED gymnastics as a kid.  And well, the apple and the tree.  Yep, that's us!

{walking up}

{pleasing mommy}

{and stretching}

{That is Coach Fransisco!  And he don't play, if ya catch my drift!!!}

Check out my baby girl!?!  This is her first class and she walked that beam like a pro, I tell ya!  I was and still am so proud of her.  They grow up too fast folks. 

She had a little bauble with Coach Vivianna on the taller beam, but I think she ROCKED it...

...and so did Coach!  High Fives all around!!!

{Trampoline Time!  Fun Time!}

Just check out her form?  Such a proud momma here.

This is where is kinda went down hill.  Fast.  Kidding, it wasn't that bad.  Layla did not care for the bars.  She started to cry.  Coach Fransisco consoled her and had her sit to the side.  She wanted momma, of course.  I saw her crying, but looked away as if I did not.  She stopped.  Coach got her again, they tried again.  And succeeded!!!  Life lesson #????  I loved it!!!!  EMPOWERMENT!!!!!  I love Coach F!!!

{I laugh out loud when I look at this.}

Layla kept "pickin' her wedgie!"  I guess that may mean we need a bigger size "b-tard" as Layla would say.  Momma says we need a larger size LEO-tard!  Priceless.

{Exhibit A - wedgie pull!}

{Such attentive little pupils!  And what's that?  Another red head!}

I loved that Coach walked Layla over to me after class was over to explain what happened at the bars.  And also explained that he was able to console her.  And that he wants NO fear in his classes and that is why he insisted she stayed near.  Stopped crying.  And tried again.  I love his style and his no non-sense attitude!  What a great coach?!?

And lil miss was happy that she got two, yes TWO, stamps for her hands!  Good job, baby girl! 


bananas. said...

you do realize you have the cutest kid on the block. her red curly q's make my day. i can imagine they make your life. awwww!

how's that for cheese in the morning! ;)

georgia~gigi said...

Ok, what a girl! She looks so darn cute in her Btard, he he! Love Love Love the weggie shot! Too cute!
Big Smoochies
gi gi
ps, i loved soul train, almost put it on there too!

*D* said...

adorable! I loved gymnastics as a kid. best sport ever! do we have a future olympian here?

Tia said...

too cute!!! Little miss in her leotard might be the cutest thing EVER!!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

i just fell in love, again! i adore miss layla!

blueviolet said...

Why must wedgies and gymnastics always go together!

She is so darn cute!

undomestic chica said...

She's too freaking adorable. I SERIOUSLY hope at least one of my babies turns out half as cute as her.

Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

Meli thanks for sharing these pics! as usual your little one is adorable and I looove her little hot pink leotard. Oh and the wedgie shot...priceless! she'll be so mad at you in the future for it though:)

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