Monday, August 30, 2010

Emmy's - The Best and The Worst

My review of the women only fashion - Emmy Awards - in my humble opinion.  I just don't judge tuxedos because that is just what they are!  A tux is a tux....basically.  And I don't care what the tie looks  Moving on...

Top award, without question - goes to Miss Claire Danes!!!!

{can I get an AMEN?!?!} 

Other Best Dressed Mention-ables

{Maria Menounos}
{was a VERY close second runner up - I love the bum cut...grrrrrr...}

{Jayma Mays}

{Julia Louis Dreyfus}

{Lea Michele}
{although she looks way too POSED here...}

{Kelly Osbourne 2.0}
{look at her new fab figure?!?  Werk it...}

{Sophia Vergara}
{Love me some Modern Family!!!}

I am pretty on the fence with the next one.  While I do not feel that she deserves to be put in the WORST dressed category...I don't believe it was very appropriate dresswear for the event.  But, I do LOVE the ensemble.  Besides, I think Heidi gets a free pass....right?

{Heidi - I have had FOUR children, eat your heart out - Klum}

Worst Dressed List

{Lauren Graham}

{Toni Collette}
{um, excuse me, Miss whoever you are?  Thank you for helping with the Gulf Oil Clean Up, but you forgot to change for the Emmy's!?!} 

And the absolutely WORST DRESSED for the evening goes to a lady I love.  It hurts my heart to put you out there like this.  It really does.  But, you have been in Hollywood for far too long lady.  You should know better than to try - "a trend" or whatever you wanna call this disaster - on the red carpet!!!!!  You should, Rita.  You should know better.  Shame on you Rita Wilson!!!  What IS that????  We need an explaination.  Now. 

Look?!?  Even Tom is looking like he is holding back a big ole belly aching laugh!!!  Look at your feet, Rita!?!  Tom's face is screaming WTF?!?  I see the horrific dress too.  But, the shoes?  Who told you to do that? 


*D* said...

I absolutely loved claire danes dress! the rest of the ladies on your best dressed list looked fab as well. but what about january jones blue peacock dress?! I loved the color, but no so much the design of the dress for this award show.

bananas. said...


for making me laugh out loud, and yea i just spelled that out. what! hahaha.

but seriously WTF?! i'm perturbed and angry at the same time.

Melissa said...

Heidi Klum...the woman I want to be yet hate at the same time lol

I agree with Rita Wilson's dress! WTH?! Maybe she thought it looked great in her mirror?

Great choices! I agree!

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