Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to my baby girl! With a side of Honey...

Today my sweet, precious, curly, funny, spunky and funky lil' girl turns THREE years old.  Wow!!!  What an amazing three years she has provided us with such unexplainable love!!!!

Watching her grow and develop has been more exciting and fascinating, than I could have ever imagined....

Being a red head, I assumed she would grow up with a little attitude...

...but when she did this at 2 months old, I KNEW she was gonna be a FIESTY one...I was right!

And when she gave this look... HIM!  It should have been my clue that she would LOVE some animals...


She has been a silly girl right from the start.  Just like her momma.  Oh!  And her daddy. 

I adore this picture of her in her daddy's arms.  Precious moments.  This is one.

This is the first time she noticed the camera in her crib, she just stared at it forever.  I just wanna grab that tushie!

You probably cannot tell.  But, the first time I left her at home with daddy...I came home to this.

A backwards outfit.  I thought it was hilarious.  And her first bundled up experience is below...precious-ness!!!!

More precious-ness!!!!  But, this could go on for a while...I mean, she turned THREE today.  {wow!}

Very a la Pebbles, from the Flintstones, no?

It was actually her first "ponytail!"  Ha...

She may hate me for this one day....but, I could NOT resist.  First Valentine's....

And these were her first pig tails! 

And this picture will forever be cherished.  I love it.  This is her great grandmother, Honey. 

Speaking Honey.  She has really worried all of us recently.  She fell last week and broke her shoulder.  This is a frequent occurence, unfortunately.  She is almost 90 years old.  She has beat numerous cancers.  Numerous heart procedures and numerous broken bones.  And when I say numerous broken bones = broken both hips, broken both shoulders, broken collarbone, broken ribs, broken toes and fingers.  Bless her heart!  But, she always bounces back.

On Saturday after breaking her latest shoulder, she took extremely ill and was admitted to the ICU.  And basically on Sunday, a Pulmonary Specialist Doctor told us (in front of my semi-conscience Honey) she was in shock, septic shock, and her kidneys and liver were shutting down, and they expected almost absolute fatality.  i.e. she would die from this. 

After the doctor explained this to myself and my family, Honey asked me, "Did he just say I was a hopeless cause?"  HEARTBREAKING, to say the least.  I thought I was saying my last good-bye to my Honey on Sunday before returning to Houston.  I was devestated, however, I thought I was at peace with it.  Heck, she is almost 90! 

I became not-so-much at peace when Honey told me she still had a few good years left.  My heart sank.  Even after all the pain she has been through over the last 5 or 6 years, she still wants to LIVE!!!!!  She amazes me.  When Honey makes her mind up to Golly, she is gonna do it!

She is stable and recovering.  WE are shocked, and feel very blessed.  However, your prayers are requested and most definitely appreciated.  Thanks!

Moving back on subject.  Layla is THREE today!!!

{9 months)

{first toofies, see em?}

{1st b-day with Honey Bummy}

{a doggie made her smile!}

{and so does her "PoPo", my daddy}

{18 months and still "learning" her hair!}

{she wore an...}

{1st water slide, she is a champ!}

{1st nekkid beach run....better be her LAST!  With her bestie.}

This is me and her for her 2nd birthday...she is trying to flash a #2 with her fingers...

And now today, her 3rd birthday!

I will take some better pics tonight at pizza birthday dinner. 

Happy Birthday Baby make us so very proud!  We love you.

And a Happy Birthday wish also goes out to my Aunt Carla, and BARACK OBAMA!!!

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Summer {Bisfor...} said...

awww. she is perfect! happy birthday, munchkin!

Tia said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little curly haired doll!!! Hope she has an amazing pizza party!!

And I hope Honey gets better soon!!

undomestic chica said...

Your Honey is a fighter! But she's still in my prayers. And I can only hope my babies come out as cute as Layla, she is adorable!

Tiffany said...

Awww!! Can Layla get any cuter?!?! She is such a beauty, inside and out. I love how happy she is. Honey sounds AMAZING. What an inspiration. Your family is definitely in my prayers. I want Honey to live as long as she wants! Happy Belated Birthday sweet Layla!!

georgia~gigi said...

OMG, this was just the cutest post ever! Happy Birthday LAYLA! She is BEAUTIFUL (just like her momma, oh, and daddy looks pretty cute, too he he)
Hope you all had a great time at pizza!
Aw, and your Honey what a gal! God bless her indeed!
Big Smoochies
gi gi

Melissa said...

Oh my Melissa, that daughter of yours is beyond precious. I can tell already that she is going to break many many hearts in the future! I just want to squeeze those cheeks! lol

Prayers going out to your grandmother.

bananas. said...

is that picture of obama fake? whoa distracted.

happy birthday to your adorable baby girl!!!! she looks so much like you except a wee bit tanner with red hair.

sorry to hear about your honey :(

Anonymous said...

What an adorable little girl !!! She is perfect :)
August birthdays are the BEST !!! Lol !!!

*D* said...

happy birthday to your baby girl!! and prayers go out to you and your family. i've learned that doctors always prepare for the worst, and really the only one who knows if it's your time to go or not in the Lord above. I hope your Honey continues to beat the odds!

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