Thursday, August 19, 2010

the birthday review

So, Layla's birthday was on August 4th, in the middle of the week, so we decided a girls night out for pizza was in order.  Her BFF, Addison, and basically my BFF, Courtney, came and picked us up and we treated the little ladies to a pizza party night!

Here are some of the out-takes.  Enjoy!

{two of the sweetest and silliest girls I know!}

Then we headed home to sing Happy Birthday with daddy and eat some yummy cake. 

{made by yours truly}

{please excuse the mess you can see in my house...eeek!}


On to the birthday PARTY!!!  It was a Seasame Street SPLASH theme and it was a HIT!  The kids loved it.  Here is the invite we made. 

I used a lady I found off of e-bay!  Her name is Kelly, with Shutterbug Sentiments and she did a wonderful job, in my opinion!  She was easy to work with and extremely prompt.  I cannot wait to see the thank you cards now...

Of course, it was H-O-T HOT!  It is August in Houston.  I can always count on that.  But, I decided to have it at an outdoor park, with picnic area, playground and a splash pad.  I don't think the kids noticed the heat.  But, of course the parents did!!  I know I did.  But, it was still a BLAST! 

My good friend, Monica, brought her sweet baby boy, M.J. to the party. 

And it's in her nature to pick up a camera and start shooting.  So, here are just a few shots from Monica D. Walker Photography.

And here are some of my random, point and shoot pictures...

The day was made even more special because Layla's MiMi and PoPo (my parents) and her Aunt Kimmy (my lil' sis) and her Addie Mae (my niece) came into town to help us prepare and celebrate the big day.  Check out Miss Addie Mae just trying to stay cool...

Once the fancy cupcakes arrived, all of the kids eyes were fixated on them!  My girlfriend, Tara, did an amazing job - Elmo, Cookie Monster and a few Abby Cadabby cupcakes.  They were the talk of the par-tay!

{look at Layla peeking!  Busted.}

Those cupcakes were a fashionably 10 minutes late - thank goodness!  My cupcakes that were on site for about 2 hours before the party goers showed up...

...they didn't fair so well.  Can you see the icing melting off?  Ah, well.  Pfft! 

Check out my party bags I made!  I love them.  I purchased a file through Maryann from the Etsy shoppe, RyCreationThey were meant to be balloon embellishments, but I used them on my party bags.  Obviously, they can be used as both!  Even better. 

I also made the Happy Birthday banner, but you really can't see it too well.  I had to include the pic anyway.  A labor of love...

The Happy Birthday song and what-nots!

A moment with daddy.  Snapped by, the "I never get a moment" mommy! 

Layla was ready to get the party started!  Bring on the pinata.  ELMO!!!!  I think this was the favorite part of the party for most.  Including me.  For most of these youngins' it was their first experience with a pinata, so they were not quite sure what to do!?!  Some would just 'tap' it.  Hilarious, to say the least! 

{I know Elmo is a bit scary looking!}

{Ugh!  Put your back into it!}

A very special day to remember.  Oh, and guess what topped that off?!!?!!

A pink Escalade from one of daddy's friends!  Thanks Jameel.  More on that later....can someone say SPOILED.  ROTTEN? 


Staley Mc said...

How cute!! It looks like Layla had a great birthday!

Tia said...

WOW!! looks like the party was awesome!! And Miss Layla looks right at home in that Escalade!

*D* said...

adorable!! what a fun party, and the elmo pinata was huge!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

so sweet! she is one lucky girl to have a momma like you.

Tiffany said...

Fun, fun, fun. Miss Layla is definitely spoiled rotten, but would we have it any other way? Nope. So sweet, what a special day. Great pics and loved the party decorations :)

georgia~gigi said...

What a PARTY! Wow, she made out like a bandit! Great ride, and she looks so flippin cute! Love the piggie tails! You did good, real good momma! You sure know how to throw a party!
gi gi

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