Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I need help...

....back help, that is!  (Probably among many others things, depending on who you ask....moving on.)

I am in some major, MAY-JAH pain.  I need help.  But, living with back pain for over 17 years - yes, I was in my early teens when my back pain developed - I have accepted the fact that no one can truly help you.


1.  You wanna be on pain killers the rest of your life.  Uhhh, no thanks.
2.  You pay half a million dollars to a chiropractor.  Uhhh, no thanks.
3.  Or you have back surgery.  Uhhh, not NO - but HELL no!

So.  Here I am.  Hurting. 

Hurting like I have never EVER hurt before.  Kidney stones do NOT count.  Different kind of pain.  Oh yeah, and the c-section too.  Don't count that either. 

So I have been giving the website a good look over trying to see how I can help myself.  And this picture really does show where I am hurting so bad.

And the fact that you can see a really hot bod + a little booty helps!  But, I still hurt.

And I think this could be it.

What I do know is...two of my vertebrae in my lower back, L4 and L5, to be exact are buldging.  I found this out in 2005.  So, it is possible one or both of those disc are now herniated.

Can someone out in bloggy land help me?  What should I do?  Stretches?  Exercises?  Has anyone experienced this before?

Please. Help.  I am desperate. 


Betsey said...

aww i'm so sorry! i can't help you- but i am in the exact same boat as you. i had back surgery when i was 13, and my back ALWAYS hurts. i don't know if it's the same pain as yours, but mine is just achey and sharp pains all the time and it never, ever goes away. sometimes before bed i'll just lie flat on my back so it stops aching for a bit. my pain is in my upper back though, so this is probably different. i also have a good friend who gives me back massages sometimes and that helps SO MUCH - so maybe you could try that?

Melissa said...

Oh Melissa I am so sorry! My father-in-law also has back pain & receives injections to put off the inevitable surgery. The injections work for a while but don't last long. Maybe you can look into getting an injection?

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