Friday, May 18, 2012

for the love of Phillip Phillips!!!

I've got a major, cougar lil girl crush!  Yes I do.  *giggles*

His name is Phillip.  Phillip Phillips.  *giggles*  Isn't he handsome?!?

You should see him move. 

{he's got those moves like Jagger}

Yeah, he just does it for me, in a very Rob Thomas kind of way.  Even with his funny faces and the non-stop moving feet of his!

Plus, he made it to the Top 2 of American Idol.  {yes, I still watch.}  I'm jazzed.  *jazz hands*

For him?  I'd be a cougar!!!  Yes I would!  *big smile*

Enjoy your weekend and do yourself a favor and listen to some of my favorite jams of his...and thank me later!  by sending Phillip to my house

**UPDATE**  American Idol website/embed codes are screwing with click on the links.  I promise it will be the highlight of your weekend.  Perhaps, your month.  I am very serious.
Phillip's Cover of Usher's
{You Got It Bad}

Phillip's Cover of Damien Rice's

Phillip's Cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's

Phillip's Cover of The Box Tops'

Phillip's Cover of Wilson Pickett's
{In The Midnight Hour}
Phillip and Elise's Cover of Gotye's
{Somebody That I Used To Know}

1 comment:

Summer said...

well I didn't know you had a crush on him?!?! He is hott and he did win YAY!!


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