Thursday, May 10, 2012

Addison's 5th "Candy"-licious B-Day Par-Tay!!!!

Layla's BFF, Addison, turned 5 a few weeks ago!!  {Um, blow me away with a feather!!!  eeek!!!} 

But this past weekend it was celebrated with a super sweet CANDY-licious birthday party at The Bake Shoppe and Cafe in Cypress, Texas.  This place was soooo uber vintage chic and fun.  I could go on and on...but I will let the party and the decor speak for itself.  I was in HEAVEN!!!!  And so were the kids. 

I mean LOOK AT THAT CAKE!?!  I think I know where I am ordering Layla's!!!

Seriously...that cake!!!  It was yummmmm-meeee!!!!

{and that face!?!}

How sweet are these two lil' ladies!?!

{love much?}

Just check out the quirky signs and decor...

{National Sarcasm Society - like we need your support!  ha.  priceless.}

{me too and that's a problem.}


{I do!}

{I don't!  bwahahaha}

{love this, especially that witches shoe! Oh, and the fact that this is their bathroom.}

{I know that's right!!!}

Fabulous, huh?!?

But you know what the most important fabulous item of the day was?  Definitely celebrating this...


Kristen at First Name Smith said...

what a fun birthday!!!

tkmo said...!!!! Most excellent photos too. What fabulous props and models you had!!! xoxox

L. said...

Wow! That place is seriously awesome--how could anyone NOT have a great birthday there? :D

Taylor Morgan said...

what a cute birthday party! the girls are such cute little best friends! :)

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

That's like a dream, better than Willy Wonka's factory!

Val said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday!!! I hope you have a very special Mother's Day!

drollgirl said...

look at the sweet girls! so SASSY! and so cute!

and that cake?! holy moly it looks incredible!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I have missed your happy blog and smiley daughter so much! So beautiful!
This is a lovely birthday!
I wish you a happy weekend!!!

georgia ~ gi gi said...

YOU MUST TAKE ME THERE!!! What fun stuff!
Layla parting... big shocker, ha ha!
And what a party! gimme some of that cake!

gi gi

Summer said...

holy cake! I love it so much! what a lil girls dream cake! you rocked at the pictures! I am lovin' all the vintage signs and the one about chocolate and don't make me get my flyin' monkey's out bwhahahahah perfect lol! OK so Layla and her BFF are beyond presh! love this girlie and love u!

undomestic chica said...

That place is fabulous! Layla must have a lot of friends because it seems like she's always going to parties. You got some great pics!

luky begum said...

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