Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I feel like I'm drowning....

Of course not literally, but figuratively speaking.


You know when everything around you feels like too much?  Yeah.  I have that going on right now.  Between everyday life.  WORK.  Home life.  Work.  Layla graduating pre-K on Thursday.  {my girl!}  And work.  Yeah.  Me.  Water.  Under.


The one thing carrying me through, helping me float along in these rapids, is that loooooong weekend we have coming up. 


I am holding onto that for dear life....like it is my life preserver. 


Yep.  Barely.  Hanging.  On.


tkmo said...

It's almost FRIDAY!!! Hang in there...relief is coming. And congrats to your sweet little lady. Off to Kinder already!??!?! Say it ain't so. Where is time escaping to and why is it leaving me behind. Boo.

Summer said...

I knew it you murp lol! Yesterday I could totally tell when we talked something was up and instead of you telling me you helped me instead! I love you for helping me, but girl I could have totally been there for you too silly! Oh and yes I totally murped you ha! OMG Kelcee just graduated Pre-K today and I totally cried like a baby, you are so gonna! I can't wait to see the pics you captured! Awww our lil girls are growing up! OK I can't talk about that anymore or I'm gonna cry again lol! Hey I'm your friend and I look like a marshmallow so I am sure I will puff more in water so you can hang on to me like a life preserver and talk about your problems all in one...see easy peasy...prayers sweetie, text me later if you need to vent, always here ya know


Rachel Jensen {Da Paura ♥} said...

I think we can all relate!! Life can get so overwhelming at times. I hope you get some mental rest soon!


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