Thursday, February 7, 2013

I am loving everything about these!

First things, first!  My dad came through surgery well.  He is still recovering in the hospital, but the scary stuff is over.  I hope.  I pray.  Thank you all for your sweet comments, prayers and the like.  

This spring-like weather in Houston has me longing for spring time looks....and this combo below completely does it for me.  Now if only I could attach my head to all that. 



And it would be fun to make a pretty head wreath....since I have moved onto spring anyway! 


We went roller skating last weekend....and it has me wanting more!!!!  And those leopard skates would be nice too. 


It is only February, yet Layla is already deciding where she would like her AUGUST birthday party.  Which leads me to start day dreaming...


I am really loving these cupcakes!!!!  *day dreaming*



Sorry. I get carried away easily. 



Because I am random.  And nothing about that is changing...


Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

So happy to hear that your dad's surgery went well! That's great news!!

I am so jealous of the spring-like whether you're having. It's just plain ole cold here! And I'm hating it right now!!! I must agree that outfit is really nice!! I love to be in Florida somewhere wearing that right now! :)

Islandia Lane said...

ahh love that first outfit and yes, that makes me wish spring would be here tomorrow!

and those skates! love that photo. makes me want to go skating - it's been so long.

cupcakes! love those cupcakes, totally want to make them.

Tia said...

Glad to hear things are well with your pops! And that top outfit? I die.

Tiffany said...

Praise the Lord! I am happy to read that your father is recovering. What a big sigh of relief.

Your inspiration boards are always so....inspirational!! I love your style. xoxoxo

L. said...

Glad to hear things are well with your dad! And spring has sprung here in El Paso, too--time to start shaving my legs again, haha! :D

undomestic mama said...

Thanks GOD your Dad is doing well! xoxox And, I'm glad to see you're blogging regularly again :)

Summer said...

love love love! i've already told ya but I am so over the moon your dad did so well and I am glad that he recovered after a few set backs.

We are so much a like you and me! Our positivity, our privateness, our daydreaming our style yup that's us!

I used to make head wreath bands all the time as a little girl now I want to go make one now lol! I made the necklace for Kelcee last year and a bracelet so fun!

Oh how cute are those cupcakes. What is the party theme? I think I can guess it lol!

love and ladybugs

Jane Droll said...

so happy your dad is doing well and past the scary stuff! PHEW!!! what a relief!!!!

this has been ONE LONG WINTER! oy! very glad that things will get bright and sunny sooner or later!

Edward Zhang said...

Great and amazing post. I love those cupcakes.... looking so delicious....

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