Friday, February 3, 2012

a mish mash mush Friday!

Well, looky here!  We made it.  It is Friday!!!  Whooo hooo, party on.  ha!  That was kinda funny coming from me. 


I've got a mish mash mush {that's for you summer baby} Friday going on.  I'm still snapping away at the February Photo Challenge.  Yay for me!

As you can see Day 3 is HANDS.  I was trying to think of a sweet way to capture me and Layla holding hands, but then the prime opportunity came to me last night while watching American Idol.

{Day 3 - HANDS}

Thank you Layla never let me down.  I am a two finger kinda Cheetoe eater.  The thumb and the index.  Layla is obviously...a go all in....hand Cheetoe eater.  I guess whatever works.  To each, their own.

Now if I can only remember to capture a stranger on Saturday and 10 am on Sunday, I think I will be on a roll. 


As some of you might know, I am a huge graffiti lover.  While driving to work in the dreary, rainy Houston weather this morning, I immediately got a huge smile on my face when I saw that Coolidge had struck again!  Yesssss....

Dear Houston Authorities...please do not try and cover this one up too...because....


....he WILL strike again.  hahahahaha!!!!  And his art is lovely afterall. 


Not sure about you...but this girl loves some football.  And the Super Bowl will be in full effect on Sunday?  Who ya rootin' for?  Do tell!  While this hunka-man-meat is desirable, yet taken....


I, myself, will be cheering for the NY GIANTS, baby!!!! 


Now THAT is what I call representin'!!!! 


Summer said...

you had me at the title mish mash mush loL! luv it! I think I'm rubbing off on u whoop whoop, I nearly pee'd my pants when I read it! LOL...u r cracking me right up! I have to say Layla sure didn't disappoint did cute, nothing better than cheesy fingers...Kelcee does that too! Well looks like we don't have to argue of hot juicy-ness for the superbowl lol...I'm all about Brady yum and ur all about Manning and well I sure wish I looked like that girl rocking that Jersey lol! We can text back and forth and joke over the game lol!

That is totally representin!! Holla!


Claire Kiefer said...

I'm very excited for the Superbowl, although I don't really care who wins (since I don't care about either team). At least one of the QBs is hot and the other one is from New Orleans! Hahahaha. I love graffiti, too! We have some great artists here in the bay area . . . no big surprise, I am sure. Yay for Friday! I'm sure glad it's here. :)

Kimberly said...

Hi - Summer sent me! she told me to check out your blog. Your the best and I would really like you! :) so here I am.

Summer and I are good friends too! I was going to do that photo challenge also. I am a bit between but I guess I could catch up.

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Monday Meli Girl!
Hope you had a Super Duper Weekend!
How the hell are ya?
Sorry I have been a big flake! Just busy, always busy!

I love the Cheetoe pic! She is so stinkin cute down to her lil cheetoe finger tips :)

love you lots
gi gi

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