Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"feb photo a day" catch up....

Day 11 - makes you happy

The fact that my baby girl can go from acting like a lil debutante at a costume ball birthday party....to a rocking super hero birthday party....all in the same day!  Yep, she basically rocks hard core, in case you didn't know.

Day 12 - inside your closet

These are the two items I needed out of my closet this day.  It was pouring.....and oh so blissful! 

Day 13 - blue

I LOVE getting mail with that blue sticker on them!!!  This one came on the 13th from my dearly beloved, Miss GiGi.  Thanks, hon.  A very sweet package for my burfday.  Yes, it was in December...but it's cool.  We {both} roll like that!  Love you girlfriend!

Day 14 - heart

Pretty sure that explains it all, right!?!

Happy Valentine's Day, lovers!


Play along if ya wanna...come on! You know you wanna. ha!!!!


Summer said...

she is gorgeous...omg i wish we lived closer...our girls are so much alike!! I love how she goes from princess to super hero love it! That Valentine's picture is gorgeous you are getting really good at taking pics. Would you stop it! I have those same rain boots hahahahaha! You are killin' me here! How sweet that is the package that came when mine didn't ha! Mail fail...thank her for making you smile while I forgot to add the address lol it's coming now...hahahahhahaha! Oh my that's funny!


Kristen at First Name Smith said...

beautiful as always!

Claire Kiefer said...

Happiest Valentine's Day to you and your sweet girl. She is such a doll and has an electric smile. I hope this day is full of all the things it should be full of for you . . . love, hugs, kisses, chocolate! xoxoxo

L. said...

I LOVE the shot of her rocking out in her superhero outfit--I wish I was as cool as Layla!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Your daughter is just beyond cute!

missy. said...

your little girl is sooo cute. i love her outfits. xoxo

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Thursday Honey Bunny!

I swear no one goes to more parties than Layla!!!!
I LOVE these pics of her! How do you ever put your camera down with her around!
So stinkin cute! Love that SASS!!!!
Just like her momma~

How sweet Summer came over to see me :)

Going to go over and give her a little sugar right now!
Love you!

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