Monday, May 9, 2011

Manic Monday - 05.09.11

The Paper Mama

This is my first time participating in The Paper Mama Photo Challenge.

I figured, why not!?!  I snap so many dang pics everyday.  Every weekend, I should join in on the fun!  There is nothing to lose and lots of fun to gain. 

Plus, I really pink puffy heart love this particular photo.  My daily readers have seen it before, but The Paper Mama has not.  Wish me luck guys....and do it yourself!  The more, the merrier, that's what I always say!!!

Theme this week: 
Your kiddo(s) (and fur babies count) with food!


blueviolet said...

OH!!! I love it!!!!!

bananas. said...


but really when isn't she cute? ;)

hope you win! happy (er..) monday!!!

Claire Kiefer said...

What a perfect picture! She's a doll, seriously.

heather said...

aww, this is cute! look at those magnificent curls!!!!

Ashley said...

Cute :)

undomestic chica said...

So adorable! I've been a bad pen pal, I'll get your package in the mail soon.

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