Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I wish for you Wednesday

I wish for you a rainstorm

that lasted for a day;

To wash away your sadness

and give you time to pray.

It would cover up your tears,

and then you'd surely see

That rainbows follow rainstorms

to brighten land and sea.

The grass seems a shade greener

the sky a dazzling blue;

Flowers open up closed buds,

the air feels crisp and new.

Everything seems fresh again,

the old was washed away;

Everything is clean again,

to start a brand new day.

Sometimes saddened hearts are like

the storm clouds that cause rain;

That wash us with such sadness

and fill us with such pain.

But when the rain has ended

you'll look outside and see

The colors of a rainbow

to fill your heart with glee.

I wish for you a rainstorm

simply because I care.

May it wash away your pain

and let you know I'm there;

When the rain clouds dull your sky

now you will surely know

That when the storm is over

I will be your rainbow.

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Summer said...

This is beautiful! I just cried like alot! Love this post girl awesome!!

love you

undomestic chica said...

LOVE this. And I've said it before but you have the BEST pictures.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, commenting and subbing! I really appreciate it! Loooove you blog girl!

S said...

This truly put a smile on my face. Thank you friend. xox

georgia~gigi said...

Happy Monday Meli Girl!!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!
This post is so lovely! Is there anything more beautiful than a rainbow?! So beautiful words to go with it!
Many, many thanks for your rockin guest post! I love it more than you know! I see Robyn came over and is now following you ;) I knew she would be drawn to you! She is a hoot and a awesome writter!
Lots of love
gi gi

georgia~gigi said...

I forgot to tell you yesterday about what Myah said to me! Jeremy left Sat. morning and I was at the door crying (like I always do when he leaves) she came over with some tissues and said "Here Mom, so you can wipe off your sadness"
Isn't she the sweetest!

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