Friday, May 13, 2011

a Friday For Emily

This sweet girl above needs our prayers.  I know we could use prayers all the time, from every person we know, and then some.  But, this precious girl could really use some major Power of Prayer!  This is the news she just received.  So, I am voting we give it to her.  The Power of Prayer, that is.  

You see, this lovely lady many of us know as Summer, is also a major fighter of a terrible disease that is attacking her body.  And she thought it would be an excellent idea to pull the bloggy world together to raise awareness, hope and prayers for her sweet friend.  And I think she is awesome for that.  But, really I already did think she was awesome.  You should just see her positive spirit...even while feeling terrible from chemo and pills.  

These two ladies are a force to be reckoned with!!!  So, I leave you all with this. 

by Bobby Kramer Jr.

I would say my best quality

is the strength that I possess

not like many people,

different from the rest.

people take there chances

and try to take me down

this is something they'll never do

as cocky as that might sound.

My strength has pulled me through many battles

and still I stand here tall

my head has always been up

you will never see it fall.

My battle wounds that I have with me

are a sign of where I've been

I wear their scars proudly

but the pain I hold within.

My strength has made me a leader

and gave me the will to succeed

I will always give my all

failure is not an option for me.

In this day of life

It never rains but always pours

my strength will keep me standing strong

through the worst part of these storms.

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Ashley said...

I will keep these two ladies in my prayers and know God has a hold on their lives and is taking care of them! Thank you for sharing this. The Power of prayer! :)

blueviolet said...

I will definitely pray for her!

Summer said...

I love you to pieces! you are truly a great friend to me and I thank you so very much for doing this post for Emily! I am crying, like chill bumps and tears and for you to say all those sweet things about me just makes me cry more in a good way thank you for being you! You are made of AWESOME!!

Oh since blogger was being a pain LOL I just now linked the linky thingy...go linky up girl this is beautiful Emily will love it like ALOT!!

love you
mush (see you are a true friend I used mush instead of moi) LOL

Summer B and I use that such a funny story I will have to email you the story LOL


Kimberly said...

Such a sweet post! I did one too!

Child of God said...

What a sweet, sweet post for Emily! Love it! I agree with everything you said about Emily and Summer, they are some special people!


Betsey said...

What a beautiful, brave girl. I will be praying for Emily!

S said...

Such a sweet post... sending them my prayers. xo

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