Thursday, June 21, 2012's finally summertime, eh?!

As much as I miss the blogging world....I wish I could say I miss the summer!  ha...I know, I know.  It just started.  For YOU!  Where ever you might be.


But, if you are in Texas, then summer-like temps have been our "companion" since early March.  Damn, ya''s HOT!!!!  Yes, we got to swimming, like 3 months ago...and start working on that nice summer glow. 


While it certainly has it's gets overwhelming too.  Makes you slow.  Makes you sweat.  I could go on, but I won't!!!!  Instead, I'll just show fantastic pictures and wish my summer looked a little more like this...








Wishing you all the best....SUMMER!!!


Claire Kiefer said...

Finding a pool is essential. Do you have one nearby/in your neighborhood/etc? The people I babysit for have a pool in the neighborhood and it has been wonderful. Sometimes I go lay out before babysitting so I can be there without the kids. And it's not even nearly as hot here as I am sure it is where you are!!!

Kate said...

Have a beautiful week and try to stay cool even through the heat. sending you bunches of hugs!!


Summer said...

i love this! I love the last pic with the peace signs in the water...word, that could be! K so I love the first pic too! Gurl I know how hot Texas can be and um well in sure did something to my hur was a hot mess for sure...talking frizz ball and I have straight hair lol, it was so funny! We had a pool when I lived in Texas with my birth mom a bit and girl that was the first time I saw and armadillo which looks like a rat in armor and I freaked like nobodies business ha! So I remember when I lived there I took like three showers a day lol! I felt nasty from being all sweaty, but the perks of the beach and the sunshine and the pools so early was awesome! It was like 94 degrees here, K and I stayed in for the most part for r and r and to rest my voice since they had to up the steroids again le sigh! love you mean it!


bananas. said...


i wish my summer looked more like that too. and i wish i had your sweltering heat. no really i do! i don't know why but now that i'm older i get cold really easily. if the AC is on for too long, i get goosebumps and shiver. it's so embarrassing...hence why i need your texas desert heat.

so send some my way will ya!

georgia ~ gi gi said...

I want to change everything too!

Sorry your so Hot, he he!
Must be ruff!


undomestic chica said...

You know what I'm going to say to this. It involves Seattle :)

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