Tuesday, June 5, 2012

sh*t happens...and it's happening NOW!

I am in the midst of a breakdown.  I do this.  It's what I do.  Every year, I break.  It all comes out.  Life becomes overwhelming and just all too much for me to process....I could go into detail, but like I have time!?!?  I'm currently busy breaking....

But, I also have enough since to know...that life goes on.  Pick yourself up...carry on.  It's what I have to do.







It's time to spread those wings of mine...and JUMP!


Summer said...

don't you break down on me...and if you jump I will be behind you catching you with a parachute I just hope I remember to open the damn thing! lol! I know you are going through so so much and all I can say is I love you, mush, murp, hugs kisses prayers and well wishes!


Summer said...

ps you are one of the strongest girlies I know...you will tread this water, you will, and then you will come out on top as you always do, more beautiful than ever, cause that's you, my Meli Belly!

Kate said...

I just wanted to leave you a big hug and say you are in my heart! Finally blogger has let me leave a comment Hooray! Love the photos of you and your sweet girl! Keeping you in my prayers!


Kristen at First Name Smith said...

awww. sweet lady. hope you feel better soon!

undomestic chica said...

Oh Meli Girl, I love you. I hope your breakdown isn't too bad and more positive comes out of it than negative. You're on my mind a lot, KNOW THAT. You can always call, text, email, if you want to talk/vent/be distracted. You've been so strong through everything, I really admire you, but I also admire that you're willing to admit defeat once in awhile and just let yourself feel. Love you bunches.

Cheryl Ann said...

i hope your breakdown clears out with a quickness! i know what you mean - sometimes it can just be A LOT to handle, but i have faith you'll come out of this fog a stronger and better you ;)

Ashley said...

we all feel this way sometimes. i'd give you a BIG hug if i could!! sending hugs and smiles for PA ;) keep yo chin babe. this too shall pass!!

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