Tuesday, November 1, 2011

some randoms and NOVEMBER!?!?

Hey all!

Trick or Treating was a blast last night!  Three 4 year old lil girls and two 2 year old lil boys make for a fantastic Halloween Experience!!! 

1 - Rainbow Butterfly Princess

{"M" for Momma}

1 - Izzy, the Pirate from Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Arrrrrrgh, matey!

1 - Pink Princess

2 - Minions from Dispicable Me!

It's a party ya'll!!!!

My mom is a huge fan of the "homemade costumes" so she was proud of this group!  As was I.  Fun times, indeed.

And now for some randoms that have been sticking in my head...long enough to get them down on here.

We were swinging the other day at the neighborhood park.  And Layla said, "I smell Ladybug."  LOL.  That cracked me up for days.  You know ladybugs are attracted to her like peanutbutter to jelly, right!?  Well, they are.  And that was priceless. 

While on said park excursion...this girl, probably about 11 years old whispers to me..."Is she adopted?"  I said, "No.  No she is not."  Very calm and equally as quiet.  Then she exclaimed, "Oh!  She doesn't look like you at all.  She doesn't!"  And slid down the slide.  I just smiled.  And wondered if people would frown upon me pulling a lil girls hair....I didn't, for the record.  I did pray for her that night though.  And for her family. 

Layla likes to announce when she, ahem, passes gas.  It is usually something like, "Oops, I pooted.  Excuse me."  We're working on it.  We have been.  Just sayin'.  Anyway...she let one out the other night before bed and of course, informed me.   "I just tooted but it was quiet.  It didn't talk."  LOL.  Oh my child....pray for her, will ya?  ha.



Cheryl Ann said...

what a beautiful little rainbow butterfly princess ;) good makeup job, mama!

i would have asked the little nosy girl if SHE were adopted. when she said no (presumably) i would have said, "are you SURE?? you don't really look like anyone here either..." give that little turd something to think about. rude.

hahaha - her toot didn't talk! my 3 year-old niece calls Saul to tell him when she toots. she says she toots on him. it's gross, but hilarious.

tkmo said...

Ha! Did you tell her that the poots that don't talk can sometimes be the most dangerous. Silent but deadly...hahahaha.

We're big fans of the DIY Halloween costume as well. So much fun. Loved all the lil' people in your pics.

Bye bye Halloween and hello Thanksgiving. Welcome to the Holidaze.

Kori Donahue said...

How adorable! Kori xoxo

missy. said...

such cute costumes!! love it.

and your little girl.. omg she is adorable. "it didn't talk" haha priceless. xoxo

Lyryn said...

So cute! Great photos!

Carrie said...

Such cute costumes!! I love handmade costumes. Trick or treating at my house was pretty awful! We had SO many kids this year. Like a crazy weird amount. And they were just wild! Screaming and running off, grabbing 10 pieces of candy, rude. And then I had to close the door and turn off the lights after two ladies in (at least) their 70's came up in regular clothes, with whiskers drawn on their faces and bags for candy. Some may think, oh that's cute....but no, its not. Its just weird!!!! And before that I had a mom and two kids come up and the mom was dressed up. Which I am not opposed to whatsoever...but she had a bag and said trick or treat after her kids!!!! Lol! Lunatics I tell you!

Carrie said...

Oh...and the whole pooting thing - lmao hilarious!!!!

undomestic chica said...

I could just eat Layla up. She's so precious.

Melissa said...

OMG, Mel her outfit is crazy cute! I love it!!

Angie - treasuresfortots@gmail.com said...

Oh my I LOVE her costume and her beautiful red curls!!!

Love & Tangles said...

She looks gorgeous! She's so lucky to have your craftiness as a mom bc I don't know HOW I would've made that.

Val said...

Oh my gosh!!! She is so beautiful!

Claire Kiefer said...

Those little girls look ADORABLE together. So sweet!

As for the adoption story . . . tricky how to handle that one. You did so very gracefully. It's sad that in this world, we're taught (shown?) that children should look just like their parents because both parents should look the same, and I really hope that little girl you encountered is exposed to more interracial couples in her life, and soon! However, there's something refreshingly honest about the statement "she doesn't look like you!"--almost as if it was just a fact that could be true about any parent/child combo with different hair, etc.

The funniest part is that she DOES look like you, haha. :)

Although it often takes a while for kids to learn tact, my prayer is that her parents will teach her about love and respect and diversity and that it's rude to ask a mother if her child is adopted. haha.

XOXO to you and your beautiful daughter, who looks a LOT like you!

Jamie said...

The kids are so cute!

Love & Tangles said...

So I kept meaning to come back to this post. You should've told the little girl that your daughter has 2 parents and she's lucky enough to look like the BOTH of you! Then you should've stuck your tongue out when she walked away, lol! Hope your weekend's great!

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