Thursday, January 10, 2013

work shake up

Oh 2013....bringing on the anxiety already?!?  There is a shake up going on at my work this week and I am asking for prayers, good vibes and thoughts for me.  I will update later.  Oh, and if I could turn the below image into my full time working environment ...that'd be great!  Could you work on that for me???


Because I like to live free, with no worries.  Which in reality is not possible.  But I just truly want a drama free work environment and in life I really focus on that!  This is out of my hands at work.....


So today, my plan of action is as follows: 


~ Maya Angelou


Kate said...

Praying for you and the work situation. I love the bottle shakers LOL Have a beautiful week my sweet friend


*D* said...

sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers your way!

Melissa said...

oy. That would make me all sort of anxious too! But sending you lots of positive energy your way.
Hang in there my dear!

Tia said...

Good luck girl! Fingers crossed that everything shakes out the way you want it to!

drollgirl said...

hoping the work thing will be ok! work stress is so...STRESSFUL!!!!!! i hope things ease up and get better soon!!!!!

Summer said...

you got this word!

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