Monday, October 1, 2012

Meli Monday - Red Hot Chili Peppers!!!!

I had a fabulous Saturday night!!!  A very special friend of mine called me up and invited me to go with her to the Red hot Chili Peppers concert with her in San Antonio on Saturday night.  VIP, backstage passes!!!!  I'd be a crazy b*tch to say no....I mean, I am a crazy b*tch but not when it comes to this.

Seats?  Ahhhh-mazing!!!

No zoom lens required....we were just that close!!!!  :)  


A memory to last a lifetime?  No doubt.

Could I watch Mr. Anthony Kiedis dance around on the stage in "his" cool way alllll night?  Yessir!!!! 

Still on a concert high?  But of course...

The only downside...those backstage passes?  They were good.  We got back there after the show.  But they were in the hospitality room before the show.  #majorfail

Buuuuut.....I still had an amazing time!  Mind blowing. 

This is what I looked like before the concert.  

After the concert?  Ummm....I'll pass on the pic.  Just picture sweaty, elated....all with a RHCP shirt on.  Like this....

Red Hot Chili Peppers Asterisk Raglan

…and then I turn it again #anthonykiedis #rhcp #redhotchilipeppers #flea #chadsmith #johnfrusciante #rhcpquotes #stadiumarcadium #turnitagain #sexfunkfromheaven  (Taken with Instagram)


Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

Whoa mama, that is supremely cool!

Claire Kiefer said...

You look like a doll with porcelain skin and flowing waves!!! I can't believe how perfect your skin is, and amazing how your eyes almost match your hair. SO PRETTY!! Glad you had an amazing girls' night out :)

Summer said...

Red Hot Chilli Peppers says it 'ats right Some like it HOT!! OMG you look Hot Mama love the shirt, I saw your pic with you in your shirt lol, I guess I'm special and stuff lol! Shut up you lucky girl! That is so close you could lick the body sweat of his chest while he is dancing lol! That is awesome, what and awesome friend, and awesome time, boo for them not telling you about seeing them before instead of after but ya kinda got back stage seats with seats like that!

love you

Tiffany said...

Um, I am not even going to try and pretend not to be jealous. Freakin' awesome Meli.

Cheryl Ann said...

BADASS. I loooove RHCP! I've never seen them live, though. so jealous ;)

Baby Shopaholic said...

You look beautiful! I love RHCP!!! What happened back stage????

Monica J @ Sofamilyonline said...

I always love a concert. It makes a great night. I can imagine what the after concert pic looks like. After I come home from a concert my hair is all sweated out and I look like I've been partying all night. Lol. Seems like you had a great time.

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