Friday, October 14, 2011

It's finally FRIDAY!

Whew, this week has kicked my a$$.  Yes it has. 


I am happy to report that Layla's social calendar is empty this weekend.  Mine, always. 

I am just thrilled about that!  Not mine, Layla's!


I plan to do a lot of wedding photography editing this weekend.  And we just may hit up Dewberry Farms for some good ole fashioned Pumpkin Patch fun!!!!  Oh yeah.

{Layla picking out a pumpkin, 2010}

Ya'll enjoy!



Tiffany said...

Enjoy your relaxing weekend with Layla Red Curlz! TGIF

georgia~gigi said...

TGIF Meli Girl!!!!!
Oh, I hear you on the no plans, when did I become so lame, lol?
I am shocked party girl Layla has no plans!!!!!
Pumpkin Patch sounds pretty good with her Momma tho :)
I LOVED your weddding pics! Oh and that double Rainbow, how incredible!!!!
Have fun ENHANCING your pics, I am sure they don't need editing!
Love you lots

gi gi

Claire Kiefer said...

Isn't there something so blissful about an empty weekend?? It's so liberating! Layla looks precious in the pumpkin patch--can't wait to see new pics. :) Enjoy your weekend, sweet girl! xoxo

Carrie said...

Isn't a free weekend to do anything you want (or don't want!) the best?! I will be cleaning...ugh! Going to the pumpkin patch sounds like way more fun! Can't wait to see the pics. :)

missy. said...

love the first picture. sooo true. have a good weekend love.

bananas. said...

hope you had a wonderful weekend! i would say eventful but it sounds like you are enjoying the fact that there are no events. lol too funny!

oh and let's try to work on sprucing up your social calendar.

undomestic chica said...

I'm jealous that you can still wear sleeveless in October. Hope you had a great weekend!

Taylor Morgan said...

hello! this is Taylor from Taylor Morgan. I read your comment on my blog from a few weeks ago and thanks for being my 100th follower!! I feel like you should get a prize! :) oh my gosh I am obsessed with your little girl. She is stunning!!! you really need to have her modeling. what a cutie! I will be following you :) xo

Taylor Morgan said...

Hello! This is Taylor from Taylor Morgan. I read your comment on my blog a few weeks ago and thank you for being my 100th follower! I feel like you should win a prize :). Anyways your little girl is stunning! I am obsessed with how gorgeous she is. you should have her be in commercials and modeling. People would love her! (I use to model and I can just imagine agencies going crazy for her). I will be following your blog. hope all is well!

Islandia Lane said...

aw love that last one! I'm in need of a few days to enjoy just wasting away!!

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

Adore these illustrations and the adorable pumpkin patch photo! Just perfect!


drollgirl said...

that weekly summary SAYS IT ALL! blergh! at least we are getting closer to the weekend (again!). :)

Marilyn said...

Lovely post.. haahaa on the days.. I am SO with you on that.. Your lil girl as always is sooo freaking adorable.. Great photo of her.. Hope you are well.. xo ~M

Summer said...

Layla is so so so so presh! Check out her cute pumpkin!! Love this post...

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